Categories of Regulated Mutual Funds

The categories of funds regulated under the MFL are set out below.

Licensed Mutual Fund

The MFL (section 4(1)) specifies that a mutual fund operating in and from the Cayman Islands must have a licence unless: a licensed mutual fund administrator is providing its principal office;  it meets the criteria set out in section 4(3), which allows for funds to be registered, or it is exempt from regulation  under section 4(4).

The provisions relating to licensed mutual funds benefit large, well known and reputable institutions, which do not propose to appoint Cayman Islands service providers.

Administered Mutual Fund

To be approved as an administered mutual fund, the fund must have a CIMA-licensed mutual fund administrator providing its principal office. The regulatory responsibility for the administered fund, which has more than 15 investors and which is not a licensed or registered mutual fund, is placed largely in the hands of a licensed Mutual Fund Administrator.

Registered Mutual Fund

A Registered Fund must have either a minimum aggregate equity interest of CI$80,000 (US$100,000) purchasable by a prospective investor or the equity interests must be listed on a stock exchange approved by CIMA.